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Eastern Shore Fitness Center: A Gym For People Serious About Their Bodies.

Welcome to Eastern Shore Fitness Center, a healthclub for those wanting to get into great shape and get healthy at the same time. Membership includes those simply wanting to reduce body fat and stay in shape, those wanting to get into shape for sports and those who want to compete in physique competitions.

Conveniently located in the heart of Spanish Fort, Alabama, Eastern Shore Fitness Center provides expert trainers and multiple options/classes for developing the exact body you want.  Make no mistake about it, if you are serious about getting into shape, this is your gym.


NOW AT EASTERN SHORE FITNESS...Athlete Training!  Available for Middle School athletes(6th grade) and up.  Training takes place 3 days per week.  Additional classes to be added as the program grows.  Class size will be minimized as much as possible to make certain all athletes are receiving adequate attention.  If you are serious about getting your child into the best shape possible so they will excel in sports, you need to visit this program!

Who We Are

ESFC is a healthclub designed to help people transform their bodies.  Multiple classes are offered from hardcore cardio to circuit resistance training to boot camps.  Expert bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition preparation is also available from reputable, well known trainers and competitors.  This is your gym to finally get the body you want.


For those extra serious about body sculpting, visit

What We Do

Our staff is trained to assist you in all aspects of your exercise routine. Regardless of whether you've ever set foot in a gym before, our trainers will listen to your needs and develop a workout individually designed for you to meet your goals.  Whether your goal is to lose body fat, be more competitive in a sport, or just be healthy...ESFC is your gym.  Everyone is welcome....a TRUE non-judgment area.


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What's New?

Personal Training with Mike Phelps


Mike Phelps was the 2011 Alabama State Bodybuilding Overall Champion (Mr. Alabama) and is the head trainer at Eastern Shore Fitness Center.  Contact Mike today and start building the body you've always wanted.


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